Step 1 of 5 Technical Interview Prep Course

Fall 2021 Edition

About the course

This 12-week virtual course taught by professional engineers will help you ace technical interviews preparing you to solve challenging algorithm problems in real whiteboard interviews at top companies.

  • Lectures and algorithm labs
  • Interview practice
  • Tools and techniques for problem solving
  • Info sessions from experienced engineers
  • Resume feedback & internship search support

Who should apply?

Computer Science undergraduate students looking for internships/full-time software engineering jobs that want to improve their confidence and speed in technical interviews.

What experience levels is this for?

This course accommodates varying experience levels. As part of the admissions process, we calibrate your interview readiness level and place you into the best fit group for your current experience.

  • Intermediate track assumes you know the basics of data structures (arrays, linked lists, etc.)
  • Advanced track focuses on solving tougher and more complex algorithm problems including dynamic programming and greedy algorithms.

We will put you into the track that best suits your current technical readiness level, along with other students at a similar experience level.


  • Admissions end August 27, 2021
  • Schedule:
    • Starts on September 14
    • Tue 4-6pm PT and Sat 10am-12pm PT (Mandatory attendance)
    • 12-week interview prep course with weekly assessments
  • Two 2-hour sessions each week with topic introductions and mock interviewing sessions
  • Up to 300 college students will be selected from the applications to participate

FERPA compliance policy

What are the requirements?