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Intro to Mobile App Development

CodePath is excited to present this free, 8-week, hands-on course for college Freshmen and Sophomores. Part entrepreneurship, part design, and part coding, the course will provide an inside look at the different aspects of software engineering and mobile app development. Learn the fundamentals of building new mobile apps including product planning, defining user stories and designing screen flows, taught by engineers from Silicon Valley.

Students will meet on Saturdays to complete either a coding lab and/or participate in group activities such as product brainstorming, wireframing, and more. We will also feature a number of guest speakers to provide insights from the industry.

This course assumes you know the basics of a programming language (e.g. for loops, if statements). This is designed to be a lightweight exploratory course.

The application is a 2-step process:

  1. Fill out a 10-15 minute questionnaire about your previous exposure to coding, your interest in a career in tech, and general information about you as a person.
  2. Applicants will then set up their working environment as pre-work for the course. This will take approximately 1-2 hours, and applicants who do not complete this step will not be admitted to the course.

Program Structure

  • Sessions begin on February 19th and runs for 8 Weeks
  • Meets once a week on Saturdays from 10 am -12 pm (Pacific Time) in remote classroom sessions.
  • Weekly exercises to complete in class with take-home work

Topics covered

Topics introduced are focused on workshops that will provide students the basics they need to design and build a technical mobile app from the ground up including:

  • Core coding concepts used to build simple iOS or Android apps
  • Product planning activities such as brainstorming, schema design, user stories
  • Using version control (Git and Github) to store and collaborate on code

The course will also include a preview of real-world software engineering roles and challenges including:

  • Fireside Q&A chats and info sessions with professional engineers
  • Industry mentors helping with mock interviews
  • Learn what it's like in the day-to-day of different software engineering roles
  • What are the common challenges you will face in your first full-time software internship

FERPA Policy

You can view our FERPA compliance policy here.

Confirm your eligibility:

(If applying for the iOS class) Mac computer for lab sessions and take-home work is required. A Mac is not required for the Android class.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at