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About the CodePath Cybersecurity Course

The Cybersecurity course focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of web application security with the aim of providing a foundational level of knowledge matched with offensive and defensive skills developed through hands-on experience. Students will learn the basics of cybersecurity and common vulnerabilities and attacks, receiving hands-on practice in both exploitation techniques and strategies for protecting and hardening applications. Developed in partnership with Facebook, the course introduces a wide range of topics via a combination of sessions, videos, projects, and labs, giving students both a thorough grounding in the details of cybersecurity and an introduction to the broader landscape of information security.

This is a semester-long course that follows your school calendar. Application deadline is two weeks before the course start. Apply early.

Key Details

Note: This course meets in-person at your school's campus (unless specified otherwise) and will require weekly projects and lab submissions.

  • Course Duration: Typically 13 Weeks (or depending on your university)
  • Activities and Assignments: Weekly labs and capture the flags (CTF)
  • Time Commitment: 5-10+ hours per week in addition to in-class time
  • Attendance: Students are expected to attend all sessions, weekly classes and labs

Review the FERPA compliance policy here.

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